Nick Hunter designs

Welcome to…Nicky Hunter

Westbury welcomes Nicky Hunter into its studios. Nicky is an accomplished textile designer who uses hand-painted florals combined with photo shop techniques to create feminine floral designs with a fresh twist for ladies fashion. Each collection pushes the boundaries and explores usingĀ  traditional painting and drawn techniques that compliment current fashion trends.

Nicky joined Westbury arts Centre in January 2014 after leaving her role of textile designer for some of the UKs most Iconic and best loved ladies wear brands such as Planet, Precis, Alexon, Minuet Eastex and Dash, and now works freelance and is enjoys the creative freedom this brings, and is pleased to know her designs sell to boutiques and department stores worldwide.

Westbury arts centre is opening up opportunities for Nicky to develop creatively and meet inspiring and creative people.
blurred florals
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