So you think Milton Keynes hasn’t got a history ? ….. Well think again!

Over the past few months a team of Westbury volunteers have been researching the history of Westbury.

The Westbury site has long been a site of significance.  People have lived here for well over two thousand years, back to when flint tools were worked here.

The Romans came and went but in that time small fields were created and worked by people who were probably slaves of a Roman villa found further along the ridge.

The name Westbury is of Saxon origin but the original Saxon village is yet to be discovered. Evidence of the Saxons here has been found in their burials. One grave was of a young woman, wearing a golden pendant centered on a garnet from a distant land.

W2025 Milton Keynes (Westbury) Pendant_preview

Westbury had a rich farming history with several tenants over the decades. When Victoria became queen in 1837 the manor house of Westbury Manor had become the centre of the farmstead. Westbury  became a listed building in 1952 and eventually became an Arts Centre in 1986.



Our Exhibition “Milton Keynes’ Hidden Jewel” will be opening on the 16th of June, the exhibition will showcase our findings and also include works of art by some of our in house artists which have been inspired by our history.

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