MK College helping Westbury fundraise

We’re delighted to be the chosen charity for this years fundraising activities.

As part of a forthcoming exhibition by MK College students Westbury are lucky enough to be there chosen charity.  The students are currently working on a pop up exhibition which will take place on the 7th of June at silbury campus, there will be a show of work that will truly inspire awe.

The creatively diverse group brings attention to something we often forget to witness when appreciating artwork; The reveal of self. This show will reflect the artists as practitioners – creative minds with a journey to present.

HND Students of Milton Keynes College have collectively worked together to create a show that allures aesthetics, creative thinking and works that will make a stark resonation with the viewer! All of which will take place in the gallery space at Silbury Campus.

“Art is the essence of our creative practice” says one student. “Without art, we wouldn’t be us!” – not only will you see their work, you’ll be able to see their potential as business practitioners in a creative industry.

Silbury campus is an alluring location between the central railway station and the City Centre: MK shopping district. This makes the location of ‘Reveal’ [The exhibition], a perfect place to unwind after a day out in the City!

If you are in town on the 7th of june [9am-5pm], be sure to drop by and gaze at the wondrous works curated and created by the talented folk of Milton Keynes College!

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