Andy Meredith

Andy Meredith

As Graduate Resident Andy has been awarded a 3-month summer residency at Westbury Arts Centre concluded by the exhibition “Pile & Stroke” .

Pile and Stroke stages an entirely new body of paintings by Andrew Meredith, influenced by the ordered structure and repetitiveness of Milton Keynes. Created during the summer residency at Westbury Arts Centre this new collection reflects on the people and places in his new surroundings.

Working predominately with oil on canvas, his paintings focus on the human presence and their connection with the man-made and natural environment. He fabricates spaces by collaging his surroundings, merging people and places to stage scenes that merge reality with the surreal.

Andrew Meredith was selected for the summer residency after graduating from Plymouth University in 2015. He has completed two residencies within the city of Plymouth and held a number of exhibitions there. He is currently working on Plymouths largest Mural as part of the City’s Mayflower Celebrations. This will be his first show outside of the Southwest.

This residency has given him the opportunity to craft his own paints from rocks and oil. These self-made paints are in line with the ethical issues he touches on in some of his works.