Artist in Residency scheme 2018

Westbury Arts Centre celebrates new artists!

Each year we invite two graduates to come and spend 3 months with us here at Westbury.  Graduates are invited to apply giving the chosen applicants a unique chance of engaging with a working arts centre.

This year saw an outstanding number of applications, which certainly made the task of choosing very difficult.  After much deliberating we chose Shauna Chapman, Shauna studied at the Cardiff Metropolitan University and graduated in July of this year.  Shauna has an interest in technology and painting, or rather, what painting means today in the digital age.  How do painters confront a world where screens are so present in our lives – with new and constant information and more distractions than ever  – what kind of attentions do painters bring to painting, and how do we make that moment special. and different to our experiences of images on screens.  Shauna’s work will be on display from the 15th of September until the 1st of October.


We’ll also be showcasing the work of Gemma Hudson Findlay.  Gemma’s work will be available to view from the 18th – 30th September.

This year I have embarked on my first year of an Art Practice degree whilst also working as a full time Art and Design lecturer. I would describe myself as a mixed media artist interested in combining and experimenting with traditional and contemporary methods and materials that has included ceramics more recently. In the future, I hope to combine contemporary methods into my ceramic practice such as 3D printing and technology.

The selection of work I’ll have on show are experiments in response to a brief that specified artwork that reflects a narrative of Milton Keynes and community. As my exploration of Milton Keynes grew alongside my interest in ceramic processes, I was heavily influenced by how the new city’s developers broke the conventions of their predecessors by utilising space innovatively in Milton Keynes with the aid of grid roads, roundabouts and overpasses whilst complimenting and following the natural landscapes. Inspired by the personal domesticity a ceramic vessel can encompass and being a native of Milton Keynes it felt appropriate for me to create structures reminiscent of conventional pottery forms found in the home, whilst incorporating the same ethos and innovations of MK’s development. By choosing to break conventions of the traditional vessel forms and viewing them with an architectural viewpoint, I was able to integrate new spaces into the structures by incorporating similar shapes and lines observed in our roundabouts and overpasses resulting in the open structures on show – Gemma