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Current Art Installation:

“Channel 26” by Jamie Aylard

Jamie studied fine art at Staffordshire University specialising in contemporary sculpture working mainly with concrete and ready made objects.  Jamie now works at Milton Keynes Theatre as a sound and stage technician.  Jamie also plays in a band as well as finding time to create video art work, stop motion animation as well as continuing with his sculptural work.

Channel 26 is partly a reaction to the Calais refugee camp crisis and the Global issues of refugee migration.  It also reflects themes such as Technology, Industrialisation, loneliness, permanence and the effects of our modern world on todays youth.  The idea is to create a story with no exact narrative to entice the viewer to create there own narrative with many of these resonating modern objects and materials.

Jamie’s installation can be seen here at Westbury during opening hours Mon-Fri 10am-1pm.  If you would like to view out of these hours please contact

Jamie Aylard1