Permaculture Plot

Starting our Permaculture Plot at Westbury

July 2017

Building on the success of our wildlife meadow, we’ve teamed up with Transition Town MK to use the land at the front of the Centre – opposite the pond, beside the driveway – to create a community garden with a difference.

This isn’t your typical community garden. With Transition’s help, we want to create something valuable – for all the right reasons. That’s why we’ve chosen permaculture as our approach to developing our community garden. Ultimately we want to embed a permanent culture that serves everyone’s interests in a natural and self-sustaining way, making this a special space to grow edibles that the local community (including local schools) can enjoy and learn about, whilst also maintaining important biodiverse wildlife habitats and a central place for people to meet and connect.

Read more about the project here

As with all things, we have to take small steps and put in plenty of elbow-grease to make things happen. As we experienced one hot day in July, it’s definitely made easier by working together.

Thank you to all our volunteers who came to help with the weed whacking and cutting everything back on the plot. As you can see from the pictures, we made great progress starting the project off.


The site entrance: Overgrown with grass over waist-high!image 1







The view from the overflow parking area onto the plot…

image 2







Overgrown edges right up to the barn…

image 3







And extending onto the patch beside the barn.

image 4








The group busy at work…

image 5





All that grass went onto a pile to dry out so that we can compost it at a later date.

image 6







Slowly getting there… Even one of the strimmers gave up the ghost at one point!

image 7







What a transformation!

image 8







Short back and sides.

image 9







The brow-wiping in this pic says it all!

image 10







What an effort! Thanks to every volunteer that got stuck in and made it happen.

I think we’re all looking forward to seeing even more of a transformation by this time next year as our permaculture community garden really starts to take shape.