Rebecca Dawkins

Rebecca trained as a teacher of Religious Studies in the late 90’s but has always enjoyed painting, drawing  and photography. Rebecca did not have the time to indulge these interests whilst  a full time teacher and has only recently begun to explore them in greater depth.

Rebecca has just completed a Foundation Diploma at Northampton University.Rebecca Dawkins

“Essentially I have been very interested in the principles of abstract expressionism and enjoy the creative freedom of abstraction. The thought of being bound to the replication of an object within a painting feels very restrictive to me Instead I like to explore the potential of colour and texture on canvas and many of my paintings use a very wide colour palette which give each painting their unique character. The process of painting is for me intuitive, expressive, emotional and wonder-full. I hope that this is evident in my work and that viewers can enjoy the freedom of colour and movement that I endeavour to achieve in my artwork”


If you require further details on my work or wish to discuss a potential commission, please contact


phone: 07875746201

Instagram: humbledawkins_art

Twitter: @medjugorje19