Sophie Slade

Sophie’s work is an exploration of textile materials and techniques and how these can be combined to create Fine Art Installations.

This exhibition is inspired by the game snakes and ladders. I experimented with weaving to create the checked game board style, before developing them into 3D surfaces by adding or removing and replacing areas. The curved, less controlled lines and draped materials are my interpretation of the snakes which are arranged on the game board. The linear lines are a representation of the ladders and give a positive balance to the installation. I often rework my screen prints by evaluating colour and surface combinations along with pleats, folds, pop ups, stitches, scrunching, distorting and raising.Sophie Slade

I designed this installation as an interpretation of how 2D and semi relief surfaces could appear when covering 3D forms. It was largely inspired by Tanya Scultz’s Pip and Pop installations as well as research into sweet shops and children’s sensory play areas. I enlarged linear and organic marks from my screen prints and refined a colour palette to achieve a more sophisticated outcome. Small intricate areas are most effective in the installation when they are amongst oversized dramatic marks and objects. This is the same for colour; large areas of block colour allow the palette to have more energy than if there were lots small coloured marks that would appear to merge together from a distance.

The installation is an experience. There is a range of textures that people will want to touch. It should provoke imaginative feelings for the audience and will be particularly enjoyed by children due to the large scale. Party and fantasy story set ups such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory have influenced the way the surfaces and 3D objects have been arranged.