Westbury Fabric & Fibre Crafters Guild

WFFCG – Westbury Fabric & Fibre Crafters guild


Fabric and Fibre artist Helen denDulk founded the WFFCG in autumn 2016 so that people who were interested in all branches of textiles could meet weekly to share their skills, learn new skills and gain support and inspiration from one another.

The group  meets most Thursdays year round at Westbury Arts Centre; sessions run from 10 or 11 am to 5 or 6 pm, and each session has a programmed theme.  In the past themes have included:

  • Dressmaking/pattern cutting
  • Crazy patchwork
  • Shibori stitching/indigo dyeing
  • Weaving
  • “Big” knit
  • Sewing machine maintenance
  • Embroidery “Outside the box”
  • Using Angelina fibres/making “Inchies”
  • Piping around cushions
  • Wet felting
  • Thread bowls

The programme is drawn up by Guild members, who all have a chance to say what they would like to learn, or what they would like to show others to do.  Most weeks operate on a skill share basis, with peer to peer support, which helps keep costs down to an amazing £60 per year for the full membership.  For those who can only come along from time to time, there is a sessional visitor fee of £8 a day/£5 a half day.  There is always an option not to participate in the programmed activity, but use the space to continue working on your own projects, while enjoying the company and the free coffee/tea and biscuits!

The Guild is not just for experienced crafters and it welcomes new members who have no previous experience of textiles, but who are keen to learn and happy to do so in a relaxed, informal and sociable way.

If you would like to try out a session, make suggestions for the upcoming programme or simply ask more questions about the Guild, please do email helen@westburyartscentre.co.uk .



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