Wildlife Meadow – Latest Project!

July 2017
It really is amazing that in a few weeks we have gone from a piece of land full of weeds to a wildflower meadow with so much colour and vitality!  We already have lot of wildlife enjoying this new found oasis …. We have some leaf cutter bees which have taken up residence as well as lots of bumble bees and butterflies.
There’s still a bit more to do – There’s more planting to do later this year and of course the constant removal of weeds!
meadow montage
April 2017
Thank you to all our volunteers who came to help with the “Big Plant”  – Seed was scattered and with the help of lots of stomping feet we were able to embed the seeds in the hope that at some point soon they would soon flourish!
garden montage
March 2017
Over the past few weeks we’ve been busy preparing our wildflower meadow.  We’ve dug, we’ve raked, we’ve weeded and we’ve scarified .  Thank you to Costa coffee in the Central Retail Park who have provided us with lots of coffee grounds, the slugs will stand no chance!!
We’re just about ready for the good bit – Planting– This will happen over the next couple of weeks and hopefully it will yield some good results.
photo - progress
Scarifying the land!
February 2017
2017 sees the start of an exciting project!  With the help of our resident Bee keeper, Mike Bensley, we’re creating a Wildflower meadow.  We hope by doing so we’ll attract lots of butterflies and bees as well as lots of other wildlife!
We have already started the clearing operation in the hope that we can start planting in late February.  In order to help our wildlife garden we’re looking for a small group of volunteers that can help us maintain the area and keep a close watch on it.  This would mean visiting the area every fortnight keeping on top of the weeding and generally keeping an eye on the progress.
If you would like to get involved and help us create a wonderful nature area please do get in contact tryph@westburyartscentre.co.uk
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